Our consulting practice focusses on applying customer insights to marketing decisions.
We quantify brand value to help you communicate how it contributes to revenue generation and your bottom line.

Research and Insights

We undertake comprehensive research to provide customer insights to grow your business. Our team of dedicated researchers work with you to identify your business challenge and design research strategies that generate insights to inform your key business decisions.


Brand Power Training Institute has a team of leading professionals in marketing and communications. We offer expert training and professional development courses in brand positioning and strategy, market planning and brand valuation.


Generate strong brand value through internal marketing

In the last article, I discussed the importance of creating a powerful brand culture through continuous engagement of internal stakeholders to relive the brand culture. In this article I focus on implementing a strategy to create competitive brands through internal...

Creating powerful brand culture inside out

Powerful brands are associated with cultural attributes that make the brands stand out. Brand culture is the basis for communicating the brand’s values and unique attributes in a way that differentiates it from the competition.  Jean-Noël Kapferer, a renowned brand...

Make brand strategy part of business strategy

Successful brands don’t happen by accident. They develop through conscientious effort and sometime take years to build. Thus there is need to make brand strategy part of the overall business strategy. A brand strategy clarifies what you set out to do as an...