Successful brands don’t happen by accident. They develop through conscientious effort and sometime take years to build. Thus there is need to make brand strategy part of the overall business strategy.

A brand strategy clarifies what you set out to do as an organization and the experience your customers should expect from your company while creative elements such as a logo, colours and a slogan convey your brand visually. The following are the key elements of a brand strategy:

Brand Promise
Including a brand promise in your business strategy underlines your commitment to deliver a particular experience to your customers. Customers will know what to expect when they interact with your business. It is what differentiates you from competition. Effective communication of the brand promise is central in building a sustainable brand culture. It communicates to company employees the reason why they work up every day to go to work.



Developing Brand guidelines will ensure consistency in application of the brand’s visual elements a cross all customer touch points.