Brand Power Consulting

Our consulting practice focusses on applying customer insights to marketing decisions. We quantify brand value to help you communicate how it contributes to revenue generation and your bottom line.

We go beyond sales figures to analyse customer perceptions and how it influences your brand value to justify your marketing and brand related decisions.

Our customer focussed consulting falls under three broad areas.

Brand Strategy:  we develop bran strategies that develops a consistent attitude and carefully managed experience that meets or exceeds your client expectations.

Brand Research: We use primary and secondary research to evaluate the strength of your brand and how it adds value to your business.

Brand Valuation: We use internationally accepted standards – ISO Standards – to attach a financial value to your brand. We seek to provide comprehensive evaluation and understanding of your brands’ assets and build them to create value for the brand and ultimately for your business.

 Research and Insights

We undertake comprehensive research to provide customer insights to grow your business.
Our team of dedicated researchers work with you to identify your business challenge and design research strategies that generate insights to inform your key business decisions.
Our areas of research include:

Market Audits

We use strategy tools to conduct market audit that inform your business strategy.

Primary Research

We use primary research methods to answer to undertake studies such as scoping studies, customer satisfaction surveys, and market research.

Evaluation Studies

Our evaluation studies are designed to evaluate your business strategy and marketing capabilities.


Brand Power Training Institute has a team of leading professionals in marketing and communications. We offer expert training and professional development courses in brand positioning and strategy, market planning and brand valuation.
We use interactive practical sessions to build expertise of your staff to develop solutions to real world challenges. We organise both generic trainings for industry professionals and in-company training tailored to respond to your unique business needs.

We have access to a wide range of resources and certifications from leading professional bodies, business schools, universities and leading industry experts that allow us to deliver professional training programmes that create impact.

We have partnerships with the world’s leading professional bodies to deliver content that meets their needs for continuous professional development.